e diel, 1 korrik 2007

cool way to share

this is such a cool way to share with my family, the pain in my hands keep me from spending much time on the computer but thanks to listening to the radio i learned about this site now i can share easily and at three am which is when i add these blogs...too good

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Blogger Katie tha...

Hey Big Sissy

What beautiful thing you create bad hands or no bad hands ...In reading your blog it reminded me of a time not so long ago when as children in Kasnas we use to pull copper out of burned out starters,gen., anything else our father put in that big 55 gal drum and he paid us 10 cent a pound... and that to was for gas money to run around town.. I miss and love you so much wish I could visit and love on them new grandbabies send my love to alll..Your baby sister Katie

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