e premte, 28 shtator 2007

i do not give up easily

Harry, if you are keeping up with me you have to know this "bogo" diver is you and Harry i hope you keep up your good work and realize that derogatine comments are better than none at all, at least someone knows you said something and that is way better than nothing, keep up he good work, love to you and Keli, c

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Blogger Harry Blalock tha...

Thanks Connie, sometimes we all need a little reminder of what's truly important. I always follow your blog and enjoy your art and pictures immensely. I'm afraid that when people can't get attention any other way, they start using my name figuring people will read it if it's about me. Pretty pathetic, but I guess it's what I should expect.

I'm glad to see your grandchild is bringing you so much joy and fulfillment in life. Something tells me those days aren't that far off for me as well.

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