e diel, 1 korrik 2007

colors of copper

cherished wife of my only brother asked where i got green copper wire to make the trees well sis i had no idea copper wire came in so many colors until physical therapy for these hands dictateded that i keep them moving as much as possible so my husband gave me a screwdriver a pair of wire cutters and him and the boys started bringing me the dash boards, relay switches, wiper motors, even something called a resender out of transmissions, etc out of the junk cars. i spend hours on end tearing these things apart just to get a little colored wire some finer than baby hair like the mane on the lion, most people don't believe it is wire but it is the inside of the starter coil and is oily and hard to get to but worth it for a special effect. only problem is you never know what color you will find but even that's ok i just keep looking.

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Blogger Harry Blalock tha...

Connie, I truly enjoy reading your blog entries, but really love seeing the pictures of what you are creating. To me this is one of our great hidden natural resources on Saipan, the hidden talents of it's residents.

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