e martë, 16 tetor 2007

i love plants

took time out to give my little bonsai a proper home, take a picture of an awsome flower and plant a seabean and actually got it to start growing, not an easy thing for those of you that are curious check out seabeans on the net, those seeds can float around thirty years or more befor they decide to sprout and i actually got one to start, finished a book on archeology and cooked some pretty good stew fau or at least i think it was sure didn't last long and play with the loves of my life, Kin and Kona, listen to Harry on the radio and even had time to miss my favorite sis, i know she reads this, my way of saying it's just another day in paradise. c

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Blogger Cap Carl tha...

Hi Connie. Do we have seabeans on our beach's???????? I did find a shark's tooth and three weeks later lost it in a Honolulu hotel room. Cheers, Cap Carl

23 tetor 2007 në 1:47 e paradites  
Blogger Pragmatic Plato tha...

Boycott Porky's!



29 tetor 2007 në 5:14 e pasdites  

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