e hënë, 5 janar 2009

still around

with the advent of Konalee's little brother Weston grandma doesn't get a lot done but i have been carving a little, this old man is my first try at it the lion i'll put on later as well as the octopus, sure was good seeing you Harry, i don't think you and Kelli have changed since the first time i met you when Sarah started at MHS. wish i could say the same for myself but life is good and i'm happy and still crazy about that guy i was with, the buck a taco still great at Jerry's what more can you ask for. c

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Blogger Harry Blalock tha...

I'm very glad I ran into you the other day and see that you're still creating. Some of us love your work and you inspire us, so don't ever give up!

6 janar 2009 në 3:18 e pasdites  

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