e enjte, 5 korrik 2007

never give up

my hands were hurting something awful today even more than yesterday so i was doing the abe lincoln thing way more, to me because old abe had so many set backs(failed businwss ventures, lost elections etc, before he finally became president) that his name translates to "never give up" so i picked up that unfinished diver and my mind engaged and started running about eighty mph, i had asked Harry if diver's ever wore dual tanks and his reply sounded so...wow, exotic is the only word that comes close, before i knew it the hands were forgotten and the diver was fully equipped not just with dual tanks, this guy has it all, dive watch, weight belt, dive knife, flashlight, cave explorer light on his head and a camera. thse pictures are the materials i work with and the diver but the detail didn't really show, i'll get a different angle and add it later

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Blogger Harry Blalock tha...

Another awesome Connie creation. Get enough of these guys made and I'll help you on getting them placed in some business to sell.

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