e diel, 12 prill 2009


i said i wasn't going to do this but man i need a shower world this is how well CUC employee's are doing their job, things did ease up a little after i sent this letter to the gov's office but only for a while it's been a mounth AGAIN...Discrimination and deprivation of life’s necessities are the things I think about when I can’t take a shower or flush my bathroom. I am soon to be sixtytwo years of age and I am disabled, I have called the governor’s office so many times I can’t count. I have called CUC so many times that who ever answers the phone audibly groans when they hear my voice, they know it already. All I want is my share of the water, I pay my bill but my neighbor’s pigs, goats and cattle get all of the water. Yesterday I saw in the paper, this is after three weeks I have been calling crying to who ever will listen, that now there is a water shortage that CUC is blaming on that little banana typhoon, come on people the water companies that are on the same road as me, they have plenty of water to do business, my neighbor who has all of those animals to water isn’t complaining, he is getting water because he has an illegal in line pump that CUC knows about. Why can’t I just get enough water to live comfortably, I don’t want all of it just my share. It was written that when the navy was running the water situation we had water all of the time, I read that in one editorial, so what has happened do we need to get the navy back in here to make sure we get water, maybe they were not as concerned with water companies making money as they would be with an old woman being able to shower, yes in case the language wasn’t strong enough, are the water companies and Tun Boga’s pigs more important than me getting my share of water. I have called Glen, at CUC, you promised to check it out, I have called Warren at the Lt. Gov’s office and you said you would check it out, no one even bothers to come out or return my call. I told you I have do something, so now I’m writing this letter. Can someone do something, please. Connie Cabrera, Papago

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