e premte, 6 korrik 2007

cave diver

i didn't even think when i posted the blog below that if you don't click on the picture you won't know what it says, it is actually an old indian prayer adapted to island life, it reads "May your nets be ever full, may your roof never leak and may the wind be ever gentle on your face" c

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Blogger Harry Blalock tha...

Your divers get more detailed and life-like every time. There are a bunch of dive fanatics out there that would absolutely love your creations.

6 korrik 2007 në 3:49 e pasdites  
Blogger Bruce A. Bateman tha...

I am one of them. I would like to buy one, since I don't know you I wouldn't expect a freebie like Harry got.

Your other media is good too. Thanks for sharing.

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12 korrik 2007 në 5:43 e pasdites  

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