e martë, 17 korrik 2007

faces of children inspire me, this is Manning and Tara, Tianna didn't get her face in the picture and this is what i live for, the little ones always want to know how auntie connie did this, it is my life to show them, Harry you are so sweet, i could maybe make a few more divers that would sell and i do appreciate the offer to help, minoe setback, my hands and my mind will never make the same thing again, each work of art i do is the only one so from the bottom of my heart, thank you and if you know someone that wants one i will try(operative word try) cause i sure could use gas money, it will be different, i create things for the the people i am thinking of, i have to work on my own level right now, the doctor tells me it will take five years, if, and it is a big IF, i ever get back full use of my hands and longer for my mind to adjust, i have already forgotten how i made the one for you and now i am trying to build an abai, so please have patience with this old lady and let me keep enjoying your comments and welovesaipan.com, and by the way i did a harry's world in copper wire for you soon as we get that way again Jack will drop it off, it needs to be with your diver. c

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Blogger Harry Blalock tha...

Hi Connie, you pull your inspiration from all the right places, the bright faces of children, the colorful sunrise sky and the beauty the ocean holds. I'm so sorry to hear that your hands won't let you keep creating. I wish I could give you mine and let them do something useful and creative. Keep posting on your blog though, you're a real inspiration to me.

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