e shtunë, 30 qershor 2007

good days do still happen

these are two of my early tries at watercolor, they're ok, but now i am the proud owner of one of Harry Blalocks underwater photos and i'm thinking, i have gotten better since i did these but do i have the talent to try painting this image, not sure it is so awesome and the color so vibrant, i know i have to try it keeps calling me to look at it and i see something different everytime i do so i have to try, we'll see. for my family in the states who are now following welovesaipan and my blog take a look at Harry's pictures he is on the web site too, you won't regret it i promise and thanks to all who have gone to these sites your time is appreciated. c

e enjte, 28 qershor 2007

a flagging economy isn't a good thing but even in the face of adversity something good can come if you look for it. these pictures are of our present job site.we take junk to the scrap buyers one car at a time by doing this we also clean up our island one car at a time. it's grimy dirty work and we don't make a lot but it's honest and i for one appreciate what is being done. i can't wait to see what this little spot is going to look like when we're done. keep up the good work Jack Cabrera, you're doing more good than you know.

e martë, 26 qershor 2007

i got started making wire sculptures now i can't quit

i was just going to see how big i could make a copper wire ball from the scrap cars, blenders, tv, fans or what ever the guys would bring me to keep me busy, next thing i know i'm forming the wire into shapes, then i checked out copper wire sculptures on google search and was amazed. now i'm hooked and i love it

my newest diver

i may just get good at this wire bending thing, and yes Harry you are the one, you take such beautiful underwater pictures i thought you might enjoy my little wire sculpture

e diel, 24 qershor 2007

still trying to figure this one out

i can't believe how far behind i have gotten in such a short time, keeping up with the students at MHS kept me on top of things now that i don't have the challenge i notice i am getting older and that's an ok thing except when it comes to the coputer, i learned so much from those kids and i miss them.


i love to go pashundoa(strolling Chamoro style) because i see something new where ever we go, i can spend hours just looking at trees

e hënë, 18 qershor 2007


i have a cat that does absolutely nothin spectacular except sleep on my slipper, but yesterday her and my pup were as usual sleeping at my feet and they looked so cute i took their picture and not more than ten minutes went by and the cat gave birth to her first baby practically on my foot, it took several hours for the next two to be born was occupied being a mid-wife for a cat. What ever it takes to get by!

e diel, 17 qershor 2007

this one is spoken for

it belomgs to Keli, whenever we can coodinate a pick up

i sent this picture to harry, curious to see responce

e premte, 15 qershor 2007


i lack dicipline and not sure i am even spelling it right, no matter, i have wanted to start a journal of art i do for sometime but never had enough time or "that word" now i have time and thanks to blogspot means, i think i'm gonna like this


well i'm this far now do i get just a little more

getting there

this a try to get this blogging thing figured out and show harry my diver