e shtunë, 29 shtator 2007

today was so perfect

now if i could just type 70 words a minute like i used to without a mistake i'de probaly bore everyone with my grandma stuff, i love it, and there is nothing better in this world than when her mom makes a point of bringing her to me, don't you think she looks just like me, thank the Lord i believe in and what ever powers that may be for my baby and her Yapese mother, the mom is the daughter i always wanted, and if my son doesn't take care of her i still machete, joking ok, they make me so happy c

e premte, 28 shtator 2007

i do not give up easily

Harry, if you are keeping up with me you have to know this "bogo" diver is you and Harry i hope you keep up your good work and realize that derogatine comments are better than none at all, at least someone knows you said something and that is way better than nothing, keep up he good work, love to you and Keli, c

e martë, 25 shtator 2007

had my hands full

haven't been on line much lately have had my hands full but i am still here and checking my friends, doing some babysitting too after all what are grandmas for, i love it. c

e shtunë, 15 shtator 2007

me nai, i would never gine up

sooner or later something has to fit together

i just keep trying

i like pictures

before i moved to the islands i would had have upright told you i never have a predjudice bone in my body, living here has taught me how innocent i am. c

e enjte, 13 shtator 2007

i love my husbands land more than he does and there is a reason why

been trying to understand why island people do things they way they do for going to 13 years and still i do not have a clue, it isn't a bad thing, just a learning experience. i could go back o Kansas, yea right. c

e mërkurë, 5 shtator 2007

life is as usuall or acceptable

it would seem i am technilogically impaired have'nt heared anythiing from Harry or my sister in weeks, good thing, i needed rest, l do miss them and care. c

e diel, 2 shtator 2007

watch your coke life at papago

it is a jungle out there

my daddy told me to be careful, he was young and single so he said i might be related, war pictures, from when my father was in guam and saipan, i have more that i wioll share later, he was a good looking soldier, i might be related. c