e diel, 8 mars 2009

my new stick

this one is more than a walking stick, my sis sent me a Kathlene and Richard Gear novel about prehistoric north american indians and while i prefer Cussler, DeBrul, Clancy and Griffith i'll read anything i can get. i really got into the story line of this book and have read several more since, having always believed there is american indian in my geneology, i'll claim cherokee but it's more likely roman nose souix any way this shaman's staff is a result of a dream, i was thinking of what i could do with the cool stick kin had brought me that day just before i went to sleep and this is the result, harry i'm still keeping an eye on that diver but our truck has been down so i can't get to the ranch for now but i know it's still there and i will get it. c