e premte, 27 korrik 2007

life lessons

the drawing of the turtle in my last post is one of those tough little life lessons i.e. sometimes it's not what you know it's who you know but if this page is any indication that it bothered me enough to quit making things from what ever i see or lay my hands on i'de have to say nope! cause i'm still at it. i always wanted a hand made rocking horse now i have one. c

e enjte, 26 korrik 2007

saw this and had to take a picture, isn't it awesome, this is something i did a long time ago and it has a good story but i only share it when someone asks. c

e mërkurë, 18 korrik 2007

Eight things, Harry tagged me and i'm not real sure how to do this tag thing so i'll just post it

1. My favorite color is the whole box of crayons
2. My reaction is directly related to your action
3. My idea of a good time is anything I do with Kin(aka Jack Cabrera)
4. I am a bodacious flirt and nothing escapes my attention be it animal, plant, man, woman or child.
5. I have definite opinions that can be altered given a good debate except in the area of education.
6. I will try anything once, twice if I like it, three times if it is real good.
7. I believe common sense is a virtue and the lack of it a sad.
8. Logic and analytical thinking come natural to me and gets me in hot water from time to time. I can handle it.

ok that is the eight things and if i were to have a number nine i would say "there is no such thing as too many shells", too many friends or too much kindness. c

e martë, 17 korrik 2007

faces of children inspire me, this is Manning and Tara, Tianna didn't get her face in the picture and this is what i live for, the little ones always want to know how auntie connie did this, it is my life to show them, Harry you are so sweet, i could maybe make a few more divers that would sell and i do appreciate the offer to help, minoe setback, my hands and my mind will never make the same thing again, each work of art i do is the only one so from the bottom of my heart, thank you and if you know someone that wants one i will try(operative word try) cause i sure could use gas money, it will be different, i create things for the the people i am thinking of, i have to work on my own level right now, the doctor tells me it will take five years, if, and it is a big IF, i ever get back full use of my hands and longer for my mind to adjust, i have already forgotten how i made the one for you and now i am trying to build an abai, so please have patience with this old lady and let me keep enjoying your comments and welovesaipan.com, and by the way i did a harry's world in copper wire for you soon as we get that way again Jack will drop it off, it needs to be with your diver. c

e hënë, 16 korrik 2007

if anyone can give me a better reason to wakeup everyday i do take suggestions, till i get them this is enough. c

e diel, 15 korrik 2007

unilateral concentration

i developed unilateral concentration while entering student grades and a mistake could be detrimental to a young persons future, i'm in that mode right now, i'm trying to build an ancient chammorro hut complete with latte stones out of copper wire, don't know how it is going to turn out but will post picture when done

e premte, 6 korrik 2007

cave diver

i didn't even think when i posted the blog below that if you don't click on the picture you won't know what it says, it is actually an old indian prayer adapted to island life, it reads "May your nets be ever full, may your roof never leak and may the wind be ever gentle on your face" c

this thing called me to share

i was a little tired, oh well forget that this called me to put it out there for everyone that loves Saipan. c

e enjte, 5 korrik 2007

never give up

my hands were hurting something awful today even more than yesterday so i was doing the abe lincoln thing way more, to me because old abe had so many set backs(failed businwss ventures, lost elections etc, before he finally became president) that his name translates to "never give up" so i picked up that unfinished diver and my mind engaged and started running about eighty mph, i had asked Harry if diver's ever wore dual tanks and his reply sounded so...wow, exotic is the only word that comes close, before i knew it the hands were forgotten and the diver was fully equipped not just with dual tanks, this guy has it all, dive watch, weight belt, dive knife, flashlight, cave explorer light on his head and a camera. thse pictures are the materials i work with and the diver but the detail didn't really show, i'll get a different angle and add it later

e mërkurë, 4 korrik 2007

hump day

sometimes life throws rock to me when that happens i have a mantra i rerpeat to myself over and over. this is it "Abe Lincoln" does anyone other than Harry know why?

e martë, 3 korrik 2007


it's a good thing i call myself an artist and not a xerox machine that stonefish gave me plenty of artistic license, i kind of like it

e hënë, 2 korrik 2007

another reason to love saipan

i have lived in some beautiful places in this adventure i call my life, Kansas, Michigan, Colorado, Wyoming, Guam to name a few but never have i seen leaves so big and lizards, oops! gekko's so welcome

e diel, 1 korrik 2007

colors of copper

cherished wife of my only brother asked where i got green copper wire to make the trees well sis i had no idea copper wire came in so many colors until physical therapy for these hands dictateded that i keep them moving as much as possible so my husband gave me a screwdriver a pair of wire cutters and him and the boys started bringing me the dash boards, relay switches, wiper motors, even something called a resender out of transmissions, etc out of the junk cars. i spend hours on end tearing these things apart just to get a little colored wire some finer than baby hair like the mane on the lion, most people don't believe it is wire but it is the inside of the starter coil and is oily and hard to get to but worth it for a special effect. only problem is you never know what color you will find but even that's ok i just keep looking.

cool way to share

this is such a cool way to share with my family, the pain in my hands keep me from spending much time on the computer but thanks to listening to the radio i learned about this site now i can share easily and at three am which is when i add these blogs...too good