e shtunë, 25 gusht 2007

I'm back at it

been feeling pretty rocky since i turned 60 so checked biorythms not that i let these things run my life but felt so bad i just got curious, sure enough for august 15, 1947 the chart looked like it was headed for the bottom of the marianas trench, thank goodness they are coming back up so here i am again. c

e hënë, 20 gusht 2007

baby things

guess i better get my son busy cause that little gilr of mine has almost everything needed for babynow she will need a doll house

e premte, 10 gusht 2007

a different diver

my little one has plenty artistic ability to learn from, this is her dad's work, any one that has ever used a scroll saw knows this wasn't easy. c

e enjte, 9 gusht 2007

oleai and my little one

this replica of an antique craddle comes with pillows even a heart shaped one a pink teddy snd matress all made of copper wire, the rocking horse is in an earlier blog and i'll finish the old fasioned cane rocker tommoro, then i'll make a miniture baby swing, i sure do love that little girl. hey Harry watch out for the buck a taco's at Jerry's place they are seriously addictive. i know this from experience, i worked at Oleai for over a year when i first moved to Saipan, knew Jer from Guam, he's a good guy in my book and i sure do miss those chicken tacos and even hearing Jerry sing Footloose, tell him i said hi, c

e martë, 7 gusht 2007

another artist is born

look at the long fingers on this beautiful baby girl, my grandaughter born august 6th, she's just a little over a day old in these pictures and in my opinion one of my greatest accomplishments, of course i don't take all the credit, thank you Lord for this treasure and treasure her i will, c

e shtunë, 4 gusht 2007


i have been working on this thing forever, it's probably not done yet but i feel the need to move on, hey Harry check out this new diver. i had to place him precariously among some of my treasures to show off his mask and face but i think he's pretty cool. i lke my hut too, it sure was a lot of work and the coconut tree a nightmare, don't know if i'll try that again but you never know i might decide to make a whole village, not, fun trying tho. c

e premte, 3 gusht 2007

i love shells

i have yet to purchace a shell, i have no need my loving signifgant other and friends/family bring me shells regurlary and i have some beauties i was recently tempted however, my mind can be changed, by a friendly young chinese named Bin who just opened a store in San Antonio called Sea Treasures, he has some awesome shells and his prices amazed me, if you love shells like i do visit his place it is worth your time, i am going to buy a couple just to be able to paint them and i figure i'll spend all of five dollars. nice place nice young man well worth time spent, i'm still here Harry and one of your old ladies or retards not sure which but glad i am. love to all who read this c