e mërkurë, 28 maj 2008


okay i'm tyring to complicate things in my old age, the pic of the bike really threw me, it is a real bike not a cracker jack toy(there i'm showing my age) and i could not figure it out i thought my camera was doin really cool stuff i didn't know about wouldn't surprise me i never read instruction till i absolutely have to but this simple picture was blowing my mind, i even made Kin look at it and his answer was someone climbed a tree that's all, my mind of course wouldn't accept that so as soon a i saw my son i aksed what setting did you use on the camera to get that affect it is so cool and he looked at me like i was some kind of space alien and said "Mom, I climbed a tree" duh, I love it, c

e enjte, 15 maj 2008

more shells

i did these with the new paint Vic sent me, boy was it nice working with something all shiney and new, thanks sis. c

e hënë, 12 maj 2008


shells anf flowers my favorite things to paint and our little island is a veritable treasure trove.c


well these shells were harder than others i've tried, i'm putting them on here so when i try others i will have a point of reference, my beautiful sis sent me a brand new ser of paints so i'm gonna see what i can do, to date i have used only left overs that so this ought to be fun. c

e diel, 11 maj 2008

from the garden

been spending a lot of time at the farm, these are starters got more flowers and shells comming, just things i love to paint. c

e premte, 9 maj 2008

crazy things people talk about

i have no idea why the subject came up, ny better part was questioning me about things as always, his name is spanish(sablan cabrera) but he is, Taisague, tao tao Luta and he is curious why he has spanish name, imposed much the same as american slaves after the civil war, it will take me another 14 years to explain it, only because i want to be around that much longer. i love saipan c

e diel, 4 maj 2008

time flies

i didn't realize how long it had been since i put a picture of this little island beauty on my site, need to watch that, she will grow up on me before i know it, c