e hënë, 24 janar 2011

water color painting

maybe someday i will get the hang of this but whether i do or not i enjoy trying


e hënë, 25 tetor 2010

water color pow wow dancer

i love painting pow wow dancers, so much color!


e diel, 30 maj 2010


e martë, 16 qershor 2009

new challenges

this new motherboard is challenging me but just like drawing faces i won't give up c

e premte, 24 prill 2009


I really like tribal art, it is an artistic venue that is always in vogue. I did the dolphins for the STUCO when at MHS for their t-shirt, the mermaid I did yesterday and seeing them together reminds me of what an artist I studied under for a short time told me. #1 put more graphite on that paper, what are you affraid of? #2 What? you want to be an artist or a Xerox machine?c


e martë, 21 prill 2009

a few things I've been working on

one of these drawings is 21 years old, I like to put the work together to see the difference, Kin likes because I can do things with the pencil I havn't mastered with the brush. c